The Bond between Children and Parents is Lifelong.

The Bond between Children and Parents is Lifelong

About 9 months we grew up in the abdomen of our mother.
Our Father was there all that time as he is the progenitor and also take care the birth of us.
After our birth we are blood relatives and we become one family with our Father and Mother.
Also we can still feel their warmth and love with tenderness from our childhood.
A band was formed over the Years by which many would only envy for us.
There are also some problems in the past been mainly in our teenage.
Both parents and children are stubborn with their emotional consequences.
Different ways of thinking are the best for families and it is also a normal thing because we really are not all the same and can have our own adopted lifestyle.
But the flexibility between parents and children is very diverse and unique.
The love for each other and a stronger bond will always overcome the problems in the future.
Lifetime support and respect for the past will always brings us back together.
Only death can break the bond of our relationship for love because till then the heart is always there.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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