Never Cry for those who do Not Deserve Your Tears.

Never Cry for those who do Not Deserve Your Tears

Sense of controlling our emotions is something we must control sometimes in our life.
Many people act differently than they are in reality and use a different personality.
They have a strategic plan so that can give other people a better impression on them.
Lie about everything to get the attention of other people.
Whoever come to believe will be taken as a fooled and cheated.
They speak or write attractive words and trying to make credible things.
To further strengthen the credibility but the truth is totally different.
Start to tell or write something which is not true in this way of life can break other's heart and feeling,
Often end up in the psychological problems and need to seeks for doctors treatment.
Think that they lose something which they have never actually seen or met.
Believed in everything they have seen online and heard it but that turned out not true.
Never burst into tear for those who do not deserve it.
A place in the prison would be suitable for such persons.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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