Family You can not escape.
Family only the best of hope there.
Family you do not have to choose.
Family is just that your own blood.
Family sometimes it is very good.
Family you must accept them.
Family sometimes you give them feathers.
Family gives a strong feeling.
Family is for charity.
Family can make or break.
Family you can always build on.
Family they are going to get married.
Family married then keeps you apart.
Family keep each other going.
Family into each other.
Family as a pair.
Family we are all one.
Family is the world full of fun
Family how we keep it full.
Family is support each other.
Family is counting on each other.
Family care about each other.
Family is World Peace.

We are one big family on this Earth.
if we do not support each other , they will soon groaning and
trailing all our Family members in the future.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen