If You cannot follow Your own Tracks then there is no Finish Line.

If You cannot follow Your own Tracks then there is no Finish Line

It is not difficult to choose for a certain direction in life.
But to choose the right direction which can suit Your needs and character is a difficult step.
Let the cobbler stick to his last - is a good proverb which says that You also can follow everything, because You have all the knowledge thus and control over it.
Some people want to have more because they are greedy or inquisitive and then steps into a business deal without having enough knowledge.
Without think too much because they have in mind their position as a leader and then it is easy to learn the knowledge.
Just seeing to get profits and do not think of the consequences if it goes wrong.
Not well organized their things with a business plan and there comes a time to determine the conclusion that they can not go any further.
Because the knowledge or the neccesary materials are not their and they must terminate the project and accept the loss.
No longer can follow the track to the finish line and cannot be credited for winnings.
And then realize that the finish line is not there for everyone.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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