Good Memories are Sweet, Cherish It.

Good Memories are Sweet, Cherish It

We have more tendencies to keep those bad memories in our mind.
That's just a human nature and it is very normal to let others to understand this.
And that is precisely those bad moments that we must clear it out of our minds and lives as we remove a hard drive from the computer.
Keep the good times on the hard drive and leave them there so that You always can think it back.
So we cannot forget the good moments that have given us the happy feeling.
Think back to those happy moments in life, while the hilarious of our faces can be read by everyone.
We want to experience the good moments every day, because we were so excited and look optimistic for our life.
We cannot lose the smile from our face and on that moment we started to laugh for everything.
Feel the pleasure because of everything was so positive that it could only bring us the joy.
We cherish this moments with sweet words like candy for our good memories.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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