What is the meaning of Peace?
I think many do not know, because in the world there is little to see.
Everyday you will confronted with violence.
You look at the news on Television or open a newspaper.
You scared of the things you read that gives you a feeling tenderness and fear, where does it go in this world.
Famine, War and Disasters, Robbery, Domestic Violence, Accidents and Diseases.
The things you heard not give you a good feeling and have not much good in the offing.
The negative in the messages you read and the pictures that we have seen give us a progressive vision of fear and violence.
And why it is usually in the big bucks and Power and Grandeur, Jealousy and envy one another.
These are usually the things that matters and turns into violence and destruction.
But is that really wise ?
In one country there is a food shortage for millions.
In another country get there waged war and cost millions.
In Some Countries millions fighting against each other and gives a lot of hate.
But all this is something useless.
Millions of money to be spent here and abused.
Those millions of money that can be lost if another enchant again.
And those millions of money have a better goal to achieve.
Only by helping each other, much love to give.
And we can deal better with each other and can have better news to hear and read a flourishing future is the result.

People only think about the Life and Peace Working together can give us a better future.

Together we are strong and powerful.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen