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We belong our inner love to share with others

We belong our inner love to share with others

Then the universe will reward us with inner serenity and long-lasting friendships that may vary from serious and sincere to unjust with hypocrisy.
The inner of our soul will not be changed of this and also the love our neighbour, but we shall learn from it and find out who is benign or malicious.
Particularly bad will it be when we are forced to be not more ourselves and forced to assume another shape or personality.
All we have to do in our life with reluctance or be forced will never cause any inner peace it will making us dejected and maybe caused depressed.
This will be totally different if we admit to something and whereby want it full with our inner feelings give this inspiration with 100% confidence.
Therewith fulfil inner satisfied period that deliver good feelings whereby we have obtained so much joy that there is a relaxed disposition.
The circumstances in which we grew up in our youth has much effect on the manner of behavior and understanding with intelligence in a relationship with others through our behaviour formalities.
The feeling and by having someone else's character and origin also their life situation give a compassionate understanding and will commit an adjustment.
Protective and caring for a fellowman creature is social thought and give satisfaction with friendship among each other creates a closer bond.
Push ourselves in the first place, is the same as that everything only just about get us running and seems that we nobody will accept into our life.
On our world there is always someone who it could do better or has more knowledgeable than us about that subject.
It will always remain so, no matter how good or thinking to be perfect with it in our thoughts.
Stay positive and optimistic in everything we want to start or encounter, it will give us a lot of benefits and experiences we gain that give us the opportunity to adapt for a improvement.
Love and offer help to others in life will always be crowned!
There is nothing as changeable as a human life and to be needy is not funny, but each one is happy when they are not left on their own and receive support.
Life is like a boomerang we throw that will also come back.
Think why a full circle is round, because there is coming no end to it, so if we end up in a certain circle, we ended up in a maze where it is difficult to get out.
Step out of that circle as we are bombarded with bad experiences and try positive and so fastened tough as nails with or without grace abondon ourselves out of this futile path.
In this circle of life there are just people who want or have abused us.
Grab them these opportunities off and let them no more take advantage of our kindness and parting.
These individuals will never turn into a good man, it's in their genes and this is a life style where they feel happy with and what give them the indulgence.
The globe is smaller than we think, and everyone will get what they give or belonged to them, everything has to do with patience and time, every mankind will be punished for their unauthorised actions.
If one does not want to life in sin and when something good, say goodbye to the opposition of good, that means they just grab a chance to improve themselves.
In case we are born and bred to use our energy and love for reach the needy.
We will perhaps ever wonder what all the others do here on our planet, because we belonged from our inner love to share with others.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen


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