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At birth we are the most beautiful success of our parents

At birth we are the most beautiful success of our parents

From then on we can only fail if we have physical defects or are lazy to learn and want elementary fundamentals or basic principles of life disregard.
Our parents will do everything to give us the best, as education and to undergo training as a preparation for living in society.
Our lifestyle in society is very important because that is our future and we need to communicate with our fellow men also follow and observe laws and obligations.
The best period in our life is our youth where we were innocent and do not have much awareness about what's happening in our environment or the world.
Whereby also everything is done for us and if we thinking back actually we had a lice life where everything was just our normal because of our daily rhythm.
Later on in life we have to deal with our own livelihood and then we start to realise what our parents all have endured and done for to get and have us.
Often we have to listen to sermons that we not liked but think that its nonsense and will ever repeated again, because we do not want to listen to it or follow it up and were cocky.
How more energetic we are in our everyday life with action, the greater the chances to succeed in something and can reach to the level where we feel ourselves satisfied.
Regularly engaged are,  simply creates more opportunities to keep us vindicate above the average standard of living, but if we would rather lazy than tired means that there is no chance with loss.
Activities also give ourselves more ambition to be involved in things that we like and love, give us a stimulating sensation in need for more.
We also then we have something to do what we love to do and that satisfied our soul will hold much if there is achieved success,
That's a plus sign and in such a way something extra that needs a human in his life to get the gratification with gladness.
Being successful giving others first interest and attracts people who are interested in it, what them also encouraging again to better do their best with what they discover.
Because it shows them that almost everything is possible what we want, if we can sacrifice energy and effort to achieve our goal and this breeds goodwill among men.
In fact, the responsibility for most inside ourselves and for what we are able to perform like with decisiveness and be satisfied by having pleasure in it.
Of course there must also be the case from luck that we have no physical shortcomings and the spiritual level with resources to gather it together.
Anyone who is willing to work and learn with the necessary physical energy will have an earlier chance of success than the average citizen.
With to be cocky and stubbornness is against the grain and against the life system, please start something without fear of failure and with a positive engagement has been a great progress to be better.
Be indulgent with an impassive attitude in society such as we were innocent at birth, we will teach the proper motive of humanity.
Inevitably, this is a powerful influential given to know what they are thinking in their minds in order to post why they proceeding certain actions.
Be honest to ourselves and look forward with pride in the mirror, give others what we never want to receive ourself, carry out it into effect in peace and with pride.
If we follow all these aspects of the life cycle, then nature will not let us fail and do everything necessary to wish and give us the success that we deserve.
Those who are candid and not lazy, willing to give effort what is required will always be one step ahead of others and have the chance of a steady future.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen


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