Don't let Your Surroundings Influence You.

Don't let Your Surroundings Influence You

We are often required to dress up properly in certain surroundings.
Beautiful clothes and good manners is something to draw attention from people around us.
The outlook is the first view what will receive by others.
This can also affect us when we mix in the society.
In life You always have the top boss among the bosses and You must not be blinded on that.
You also want to follow and owned the things what is affordable by others.
We must realize that this is not possible and we will always meet people who have it better or worse than us.
That is something that we always have to accept so not think too much about it therefore to realize that we are better to devote energy to our own.
Of course it is good to always dream to have a better life.
But if you're born for a Silver coin, You will never change into gold coin.
Or there can be a miracle happen and You may have a golden wedding.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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