Don't let Your Mouth Speak what Your Heart Doesn't Feel.

Don't let Your Mouth Speak what Your Heart Doesn't Feel

You only need to open Your mouth and then You can talk easily.
But if there only the wise things are spoken out is another story.
When there is only nonsense come out from Your mouth, nobody will listen to that and leave You to be alone.
Anyone who first listened to You will disappear from Your eyesight, and then You can only talk to the wall.
Therefore it is wise to talk with feeling and speak some content with a tone that can be appealing for everyone.
So Your feeling are felt by others and they will classified about the conversation of what You speak out from Your heart.
Your words must be consistent and fair so others may have respect on it.
And they know what You have in Your heart so You only can make stable statements.
Speak what Your heart thinks and they can feel what is going on because of Your reaction.
Because the word from Your mouth should indicate what is on Your heart and not the other way around.
If Your heart doesn't have the feeling, it is better not to speak out from Your mouth.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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