Valentine Day.

Valentine Day

This day is now arrived on February 14 of this year, I can even show You more my love because I love You.
I have something in my hands to make You happy and show my heart to You.
Cause you are my only lover who can make me feel so glad in my life.
The sun will not shine every day in our life but together we can do something about it.
The love for each other will not be vanished so give me first a big hug and kiss.
Together we will be doing  everything to support each other in good or bad times.
We both know that there is no one who can separate us or interfere us with words.
You and me are chosen to be together because we have faith in each other and we will live in peace.
Show all love from our hearts to each other every day.
Even if it is not Valentine's day, You're still the sweetest person in my dreams.
I no more want  to life without You, that's why I have given all my heart to You.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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