Waiting in Silence.

Waiting in Silence

Waiting is something that can be very annoying if You're impatient.
But it also can be a moment for Your body to feel relief.
Just be relax and don't let Your mind occupied with something else.
Or just close Your eyes and think of nothing.
In the silence and tranquility, let all the tensions disappear from Your body.
Just enjoy silence and the sounds from environment around You.
That is something we all needs but we often do not have time for this.
We are always too busy with other things and running with our thoughts every where.
The moment that we have the opportunity to come to a quiet place, it will directly give influential force to show on our body and we will feel it immediately.
Come to rest and caught in the spell of silence because that is something not happen so frequent in our life.
We are always busy with people around us or look forward to do things for ourselves.
Waiting in silence will do well and make us realize that the human body sometimes needs a temporary relaxation to think for different  perspective.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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