We will cross the Bridge when we are already There.

We will cross the Bridge when we are already There

It is not necessary to be Exaggerated in our life.
Just behave normal, because that is already unusual enough.
Be ourselves and don't give other the thinking that we can build our own castles with our delusory hopes imagination.
Just talk about things that are really exist in our life.
Don't think that if we dream about something that is already there in reality and start to boast for anything to let others keep in their mind that we have everything already for each other.
Thus, we can make only bring disgrace to ourselves.
And so we lost the friendship and trust among our loved ones.
That would be very unwise to do that and we will put ourselves in a position where we have to keep on telling lie one next to another, because there will be no ending.
Everything we says in our life gather with lies and deceive.
So be intelligent and don't let ourselves influenced by the better side on the other end of the bridge.
The moment that we are being honest in life, for sure we can build success and we will cross over the bridge in a later moment.
By then we have already everything and we can across the bridge with a good feeling.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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