A Beautiful Face means Nothing without a Good Heart.

A Beautiful Face means Nothing without a Good Heart

We all meet many different kind of people in our life.
Some have good appearance and others have a good heart.
At the first time when we meet, we can have certain impression on each other.
In some occasions, we start the conversations with someone because of their appearance.
In some interviews, peoples are more engaged with our appearance than to talk to us. They know that we are going for their appearance so they do not want to lose their chances to attract the attention.
Have such a self-conceit that we are not able to continue to have a good conversation with them.
We will realize that their character is not as beautiful as their face.
Been deceived and would like to talk with a good looking person and feel better but it does not work.
Have surprise by our own and we think to make it fun.
It was better when we first could see their heart and after this we can have fun together with lots of laughter without regrets.
A big mistake of ourselves because we want to pamper our eyes  with a good image.
Now we know that a good heart will bring more happiness and joy into our life than the appearance of a person with their pretty face.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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