Always Think Twice before We Speak Something

Always Think Twice before We Speak Something.
Every person has sensitive emotions and on a unpleasant moment that can give trouble.
Cannot cope with the emotions and lose control.
Those are the nasty moments in our life and we might then react irritated to it
We may burst into tears or completely go against it with a big mouth.
So we have a situation out of control and lose the direction of our lives.
Entirely out of control and we can not normally think more and go out in to another direction which is not belong to us.
Others don't expect on such reactions from us because they have never observed it before , but our emotional action scare them.
Thereof they are shocked and have conflicting thoughts aroused in them.
In life it is very important to be ourselves and behavior well.
But try to control at the sensitive emotional moments  by our own so that it won't hurt us and other peoples.
Please always think before we speak something.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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