When I take Your Heart in my Hands, I will Never let You Go.

When I take Your Heart in my Hands, I will Never let You Go

We have met each other one day and Your appearance with nice words make me feel good.
From the first moment we knew , I felt flattered by you.
You seem to me a good girl with sincere and faithful in life.
The words that I heard from You, I could hardly believe in my ears.
That your ex you had cheated You in front of Your eyes, how could he did so unfairly in Your face.
He had lost his mental prize against You and now You have vowed to never go back to him.
You only want to share Your heart with another now , because You no more love him and he also did not care.
He hurt You so much that You can not see withstand by him now.
So now I have the chance to be with You and I want You to courting us together and give us a chance in this beautiful life.
You only need to say YES to me , because I've already make up my mind.
My feelings for You are constantly in my thoughts so we do not have to wait anymore, Now I ask you, do You want to be together with me?
After Your vows to me, I'll never go away from You and I will carry Your heart in my hands so that we can have no complain in our life.
As always, I remain in Your faith and we won't have any problems with distrusting each other.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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