It is better to Help Someone to Improve rather than Hate Them.

It is better to Help Someone to Improve rather than Hate Them
 Some of us think that they have already done everything right and cannot do it more better.
Think that they have everything in the society and satisfied with that.
Adopt a certain attitude with confidence and too much pride with them.
But everyone who stay close with them think completely different about it.
They have the impression that this person is just not good and they only prepares to do wrong to other people and never can have a subtle progress for themselves.
People will try to stir up against them and start to think bad.
They could not build a good relationship with people because they think they are more than another, causing disagreements arise and problems.
So they have no chance to get a good friendships or a balanced relationship in a common atmosphere.
Now it is better for us to ignore these people and can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
But maybe this person has a very good heart and does not know how to behave because of his upbringing or past.
And thus they have an improper attitude unconsciously.
By success or prosperity of his ancestors , they thought no need to have good social life in order to be happy.
Hence the they got the bad attitude thinking that they no longer need the prospect and can do everything alone in the future without sincere social contacts.
We therefore decide not to agree with all the things that happen but we will not hate or avoid them.
It is better to inform them from the beginning and wait for their subsequent response so we can make the decision whether to continue the relationship or not.
So when the person can see more sincere individuals tell them about this , they will got  the opportunity to improve on their character.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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