Don't Carry our Mistakes with us, get Over it and Move on.

Don't Carry our Mistakes with us, get Over it and Move on

In life, we can never say something to others when we don't know about  what they do.
Because we all make mistakes in life, whether they are minor or large, everyone makes them.
Sometimes we make mistakes unconsciously because we are not good enough to think about it or just not paying full attention.
But it is normal in our lives that we make mistakes but it may get into big problems or give us much pain and sadness.
By making a mistake,  something very bad can be happened and that caused us out of control and it may also created a dramatic consequences.
That could be a psychological problems for others or ourselves and may entail even worse with the physical injury.
It can also be worsen with huge errors when we need to face with the  prosecutor in an accident which is our fault.
We simply have to be realistic in these situations and know that this can happen to anyone, we should not keep it in our mind and let such a bad experience affect our emotion for long period.
The attempt to forget this should not be an obstacle in our life because we have to move on and always live in a happy harmony mood.
So Don't carry our mistakes with us, leave them behind and move on with a smile.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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