Never let Our Fear Prevent us from doing what We know is Right.

Never let Our Fear Prevent us from doing what We know is Right

If we all have a prosperous life and everything runs smoothly.
Then we would like to keep it and do not want to get ourselves into trouble.
Do everything honestly and follow up later on all the agreements that we've been make before.
Always try to get the way out of difficult situations or try to make a good deal which is ideal to not get into problems
Every time we do everything possible to keep everyone happy and to compromise everybody, but there are also boundaries between countries.
So we also need to draw a line for our boundaries as to how far we can go and that remains fair for us and we will not always be choosen as the losing party.
That is when we can not settle and give us no joy while others do not comply with their words and it is a big disadvantage for us.
Therefore we must never be afraid and we need not worry to take steps for the consequences when we all know that we are right and our principles urge us to challenge for our rights.
And the legal system will deal with the acts for this kind of adults
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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