True Friends Stay Behind You and Not Stab on Your Back.

True Friends Stay Behind You and Not Stab on Your Back

Why words are rarely being converted into actions and has such a different meaning for many people?
We often been told that they are our friends, but they do not follow the respect that should have in a real friendship.
Everyone have a very different meaning behind the word "Friendship".
Some of them think that when they meet for the first time and after visit again can use for something or to play a role in business interests but this have nothing to do with friendship.
That relationship is only meant for mutual interests and benefits.
Because the real man who respect their friendship would not make money alone from it  instead he/she will do this together as friends and don't mind to share profit on 50-50 basis.
Friends should support each other in good and difficult times as well as solve the common problems together.
They cry, laugh, talk every thing together and mutually solved every problem that they have with a smile afterwards, because they are aware of the honesty by each other.
Will never talk behind each others backs but stand behind as a rock in the sea.
Friendship and contacts that we have in our life is more important than money so it's time for more people to have awareness of it.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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