A Negative Person Never Stop giving Excuses.

A Negative Person Never Stop giving Excuses

We all make mistakes in our life or did something unconsciously.
But there are also people who deliberately make mistakes to hurt others.
They have no mercy on what they do to others, but only think of making their own benefits.
Used others and act as a companionship for them but have very bad intentions in their minds.
Very talented and good in acting so they can use it to talk about themselve which can let others to have good thoughts on them.
Constantly come up with an excuse after they make a mistake on that moment and said tell us : "Ohh we were not meant by doing so or it is a mistake so sorry etc,"
But they laugh out loud in their hearts because they think they have achieved a victory again and get the benefit from it.
If there is such kind of person around us that always make mistakes with endless excuses, it is better for us to start thinking about their personality.
It can not be coincidence every time to be disadvantaged by keep listening to apologizes, and that will not help for a friendship.
It is the strategic plan of a bad person who is not welcome in our life.
Not listen to sorry or apologize repeatedly but say goodbye to these people, because there are so many good person on this planet.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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