What was the boredom at school with all those languages?
Translating and writing the grammar were so different and difficult.
We had so much to think about it but did not know how important and what it was going to bestow us to improve in the future.
That communication with people from overseas would give us more opportunities.
But we do not understand it on that moment because we think that it is an excessive way to speak in our own country, what was the reason to learn these multiple languages?
Learn to speak and write in multiple languages during our school time was a bit excessive for us.
Using different languages is very uncommon and it can be too over for us.
Now we can see that it was not so strange and exaggerated, because when we speak several languages then it will comes in handy for us now.
Every country have their different cultures vary widely now and if we can speak other languages then it makes everything easier to communicate with each other.
The wise person among us have a flair for languages in their power and as they begin to speak, no one can expects of the words come out from their mouth.
So they can afford to communicate in different languages
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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