When Someone Wants to be a Part of our Life, They will Make an Effort.

When Someone Wants to be a Part of our Life, They will Make an Effort
To meet with other people is not so hard in our life, it is pretty easy especially when we have something to offer them no matter in what form.
We can get famed if we have luck or we must work hard with much effort to achieve something but at the same time, happiness also will stay with us.
When we are success then the result is we will become popular to other people.
But to meet the right people who do not want to use us is a complicated thing for us to be aware of and find this out.
A true friendship should never based on it to gain profit.
Friends should doing things together and support each other with everything.
So when other people approach us to go for a longterm friendship.
They will need to make a great effort and show us they can build a worthy friendship with us.
Do not bother to save a place in our heart for the people who have never taken any effort to stay there and who have proven themselves won't be a worthy friend for us.
A true friend is a part of our life where we can share sorrow and joy together with.
I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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