To Say I DO in Marriage is the Sweetest Moment in Our Life.

To Say I DO in Marriage is the Moment in Our Life.
We all always desire and looking for the right partner in our life.
A life partner whom we can share everything with and to have mutual understanding together.
Who we can count on no matter in good or bad times, and the one to discuss everything with a good result before our bedtime.
Then we can have enjoy a good night sleep and dream with our pure mind.
Wake up In the morning, with a clear mind for the brand new day.
Can start the day with a message of peace and smile.
Only the fools will continue to cause problems and a good couple always how to solve them in a relationship for the harmony between.
If we found that the mutual respect and feelings between us and the special one have become priceless then we are ready to take the next step.
Marriage is the way to connect us and  to live for a mutual interest together.
"I Do" will be the sweetest word to count on for the rest of our life.
The word come out of our mouths with nerves of happiness on the sweetest moment of our life.
We can live happily ever after with the one we've said "I Do" for the rest of our life
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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