Cherish Yesterday, Live Today and Dream for Tomorrow.

Cherish Yesterday, Live Today and Dream for Tomorrow

To combine our life so that we can make everyone happy go lucky is impossible.
So it is best to behave ourselves as we think we can do well with our own life.
Problems will always remain in life as long as we are having great times with overly delicate feelings.
At those moments in our minds have the word and sounds to tell us that  we are lucky and a good life so it can hardly to be any better than that.
But there will also be times when there is another question in our minds like:  why does this happen to us and what must we do now?
It will only makes us so unhappy with much sadness.
If we all do it better than our experiences of yesterday and improve simultaneously today while we dream about tomorrow with an splendid final result at the end of the day.
Then we should realize that a good peaceful life can be not far off with some good luck and better health.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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