Always Give More than You can Take in Life.

Always Give More than You can Take in Life

What could be better in life if we can get everything that comes in our minds .
That if we blink with our eyes , we can get what we want without trouble.
We shouldn't be worried because we just need to say it with words and our desire can be fulfilled.
Because there is someone around us who love us so much and gives us everything what we wish with words.
But this is just too pamper for our own and it is also not a good idea for a balanced life because always we only take and never give anything back in return.
Life is about give and take,  so that we can build a stable relationship with anyone.
When everyone are united then we all can feel the joy from both sides.
Always want to take but give nothing back ,will lost the self-respect over time.
The persons who always give to us will have less respect to us sooner or later, this will give a very bad distinction to us.
Give more than You can take to deserved for the respect.
Take each others love with respect and give each other what we deserves in this love.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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