What Comes Easy to Us will Not Last Forever.

What Comes Easy to Us will Not Last Forever

Everyone has the experience that life is not easy and it is full of surprises.
Sometimes we are happy to receive surprises but some other time we are overconfident and do not accept it because everything goes too well.
Thinking that to go for a new challenge are unnecessary and do not want to get surprise but that is not so, because there is nothing which change quick as our own life.
What is there for today may not be for tomorrow, so we must start to look for something new but there are things which is not replaceable then it will becomes increasingly difficult for us.
So never think that we have everything under control because that is not so easy.
Sometimes we are tempted to earn some fast and easy money, but there is a high risk involved and if we do that , which meant we also do things that are against the civil power.
Many have surrendered and they have to accept a bad experience with the consequences later.
Sometimes it all seems very easy and familiar but because of the greediness, even many people has been notified still they could coming to a bad end.
Everything what is too easy in our life shall never last forever and sometimes it will surprise us when it comes to an end.
It will  then turn our joyful life with a smile into tears of sorrow.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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