Do Not Place Your Bet on a Dead Horse.

Do Not Place Your Bet on a Dead Horse

Gambling is something what gives no certainty in life and usually by the start its already being a disadvantage, this can only mean loss in the long run.
Calculate the odds and start the race or a plan to fully get the advantages is a wise decision , the end results always can have the profit in return.
If we start things with a partner who think totally different than us is a never-ending story and will lead to nothing.
Only when people on the same wavelength with some minor difference can convince to change each others' approach quickly to something good.
Together can moved mountains exactly to the place where they had agreed before they got started.
Never give Our commitment to something we are not sure , we should calculated the probability to success before wasted our time and effort to go for the wrong end.
That would only harm us in all cases and we can risk that and it is better to better our time on fun things.
We will not get far or successful on a dead rocking horse.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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