Do not be Quick to Judge and Slow when it is Necessary to Correct the Mistakes.

Do not be Quick to Judge and Slow when it is Necessary to Correct the Mistakes

There are many people who like to be a influencer with their mouth when there is something to condemn or complain.
But remember that there is always something to complain about or thing can goes wrong.
Everyone makes mistakes as long as we can learn from that and a big mouth do not help so its better to control our emotions.
We can never be happy or make friends when we always judge and make bad comments about others.
It would be better to tell a jokes out of our mouth and everyone can laugh.
However, it is the always the other way around as they always get grumbling about something and it will not give them the pleasure.
But when they make the mistakes on their own or something goes wrong where they should bear the responsibility,  they can not accept or correct it quickly.
They are totally upset and always want to get their rights, they have to be clever and even now wise so to accept the mistakes of others with a smile.
And accept that we ourselves also can make mistakes just like any other and therefore we must learn to listen first instead of a making a quick judgement to others.
Correct our own mistakes then we only can give an opinion about it.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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