Burning Desire.

Burning Desire

How is that possible to meet the true one and share our feeling day and night?
It can only introduce to us in our dreams and then become a burning desire in our daily life.
The desire now is to meet the person who we can spark the rest of our life with and to share communication together.
That is what is going on in our minds and what we expect it every day until the day when we meet that person who take place in our life.
That special day brings us the happiness beyond our dreams for some moment and it give us more inner peace and brings stability into our existence on earth.
Everything will change for us since that day and we are heading to a common future together to prepare for our marriage and build up a family.
Love our own family and can look forward to how the children grow up with pride and fame because this will be our family.
We have the experienced now the pride that our parents had on us before and the lessons our parents given to us where we did not listen and did not believe them, we must now hand over to our children themselves.
But that is a duty which we will do with love and the desire of our parents, they must be happy that we've  learned the similar experiences from them so that the respect for Father and Mother will only increase.
So we know it by now and feel that the burning desire of our youth sometimes can turn into something unbelievable beautiful and sometimes in a hell.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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