We must Learn to Dance in the Rain.

We must Learn to Dance in the Rain

No one can live with perfect life because we always want more, but if we have a ordinary life is actually a good foundation for us.
It will be a long learning process from childhood until the last day in our life,  accompanied by trial and errors,  while sometimes we get the lessons from our readings.
After the rain comes sunshine that is the best proverb to remind us always.
It might be stormy in our life sometimes, so we have to learn to dance with a smile and especially to be honest with ourselves and others.
Always stay positive and do not think for negative things because nothing can be solve if we keep stuck in that negative spirit but it will just worsen the case.
When negative things happen in our life, it is better to accept it at that time with a smile and try to overturn it directly to something very positive.
The thing which happened was already over and we can never change if we do not help ourselves.
Only thing we can change is by motivating ourselves.
We ourselves are the ones who can reverse from negative mind to a positive attitude and continue to behave this.
It has no sense to let our life being affected by a negative event and that only can create psychological problems for us.
Be wisely when there is storms and hard rains in our life because of problems, we should start pulling our dancing shoes and dance with a positive smile in the rain.
After the rain comes the sunshine and we can have the joy with fun which will only improve our life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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