Immediately after our birth, we are a dependent on others.
It's gonna be the best time of our life with everything being well taken care of to the utmost perfection.
We only have to cry and get everything done for us, so that they start to pamper us with hugging and sweet words, if both also failed then we get the sweets.
This is the moment we enjoyed it and when somebody organise a competition for the best whimper kid that time then we might get a place in the top ten.
We could produce such a noise to get something done and it always worked even at night when our parents were dreaming.
Now everything is different as we want the opposite and not dependent on anything or anyone else.
Want to have all things under control as much as possible and arrange everything ourselves, because there is a chances that others might depend on us and that is a nice feeling.
But unfortunately it does not work like this way in the world and we have to depend on each other and that's a good sign for a better balance.
Because when we can stay strong together and share split everything, it give a good harmony and pleasant atmosphere among us and closer bond can be formed.
Every moment when we need each other is the moment of our life, and can be smooth for dealing with each other; however, many not realise the important of this.
Our mind will then develop faster and make us realise that we need each other for an outstanding life where everything will be organised and conducted in peace.
Everyone will be independent but still interdependent.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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