It takes Our Hearts to Forgive, but our Brains to Move On.

It takes Our Hearts to Forgive, but our Brains to Move On

We are happy in our life when we often faced with very nice things.
Have fun and laughing our lungs out of fun.
But to our regret,  nice things are not forever and bad thing can happen which not make us happy.
It will kick us out on our souls with pain in heart that we just can not forget this event.
Feel slighted by this person because we can not handle this injustice and have a lot of difficulty with it.
Because we thought that the love from our heart for friendship could never caught us into such a situation.
We were once good friends to support each other in everything and make the best for each other,  that is the code of our friendship.
So we are deeply disappointed when it all turned out to be so differentl and other were just a deliberately liar with their words in order to get something done.
If it is for them to achieve their successful goal, we can congratulate them with their victory, because we know what it's all going to be end for such persons.
They pick up a few victories along their way but will get a result of many setbacks and then a very bad name.
Can never be proud of themselves when they faced with a mirror and see the image of their own ugly face.
They are humiliated on their own against individuals who trusted them 100% but now nothing good to say about the experience they have and all the friends talk bad about them.
Therefore it is better to forgive and forget such people, because then our life can continue with our brains.
And we have a brain to realize that with honesty and sincerity we meet contacts and friends who will forever keep confidence in us.
This kind of people throw themselves out of their own window,  even if we glue them, the good friendship same as the past can never be recovered.
They have lost the respect of life already and the respect of others to them are gone.
Being caught in the wrong way of their life and lost on freedom.
So the best for us is to forgive them and move on our own life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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