Life can be Upsetting us Sometimes, just Accept it with a Smile.

Life can be Upsetting us Sometimes, just Accept it with a Smile

Everything are not always like what we've experienced in life and things can occur which may cause us upside down.
But that's just normal as we are used to be living a standard life.
We are well educated and learned all good things for a carefree life.
Our parents protect us everything with their heart and soul.
But there comes a day when we must experience everything on our ourselves and might be facing for an unexpected encounters.
That can be upsetting us in our life because we never expect or think about it.
Thus, we only realize how important and good our parents were for us before.
Because it is not always can be pleasant when we leaving our home and come into the street to contact with the real world.
When our governments emphasized on our rights and obligations, we have to contribute to our society monthly .
These confrontations can be upsetting us as our income are effected because of our existence on this planet.
Where violence and money exhibit a force majeure more than peace, that can upset us thus against our will and power, but  we just have to accept it with a smile.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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