We Must Understand our Enemy Well in order to Win.

We Must Understand our Enemy Well in order to Win

Everyone knows that acquaintances, friends and contacts is powerful and very important for a better life.
Together we are strong and things won't work without the support and trust to each other.
In life we need each other to make it easier and be mastered in our daily life where everyone has their own knowledge and If we can pool it all together then things will be more easier and we can perform on several platform.
Only some people have the knowledge but they not yet to understand at that point and didn't realize that knowledge or revenue sharing can yields for more profit in the long run.
They have problems with it and don't want to share or distribute due to jealousy, envy or greedy.
Learned the knowledge from us, copy and steal it then do by themselves, because they think can earn and win more.
Most of the time, those people do not have a registered company with licenses, certificates or permits, they only try to steal knowledge and information to know how everything works.
In this way they have made an enemy of someone who has helped them financially and with knowledge but then they abuse it.
But if we abuse someone we see as an enemy, we must understand all about the person and know how they work also on the backgrounds.
Because work and results that are often a more extensive editing production with a feature available and there shown that their knowledge can sometimes fail.
We will also be able to supply with all the needed papers and permits in a legal way.
To carry out the work with good results, we need to understand the whole system.
When they imitate something which can show no results, might cause the trouble for others and this shows they are unprofessional, so it will not bring them the victory later.
The irreverence they gave to the inventor will come back to them with a result that they deserve in the abyss.
Because they had not understood what is the meaning of a victory
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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