Do Not let Little Stupid things Break our Happiness.

Do Not let Little Stupid things Break our Happiness

In life, everyone is looking for perfection but that's will be a long search.
Nobody is perfect and never can be because there will always be flaws.
So we must always be prepared for this to adopt and accepted it.
We must not let ourselves be influenced by someone who do not meet our expectations 100%, because this will never happen.
If we think realistically about this,  we also know that it is impossible and we must take this into our mind that we ourselves also are not perfect,
No one will be exactly the same as how we pictured them,  or our imagination of a person, because there will always be flaws and differences.
We just need to learn how to deal with it and look positively  then each of us can live our life easily.
Don't break our happiness through stupid little flaws in a relationship just because of the suitable person for us does not meet all our requirements.
Let love and respect lead us and give an alternative way where both of us can get a sense of satisfaction from it so that it still can look like a perfection.
It grows to honor for each other's feelings and the feeling of mood changes for an improvement in the relationship.
We must  turn the cases with little stupid things into a positive solution for a perfect relationship.
Sometimes we meet someone by coincidence what appears to be true for us, do not let a little stupid incident break that happiness .
But respect and appreciate happiness.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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