Life is Impossible to Please Everyone, because each of us has our Own Dignity.

Life is Impossible to Please Everyone, because each of us has our Own Dignity

There are  many things in life that we would like to get it done but its turn out to be impossible.
We are eager to make everyone's liking and we becoming more social in the society because of trying to meet everyone's needs.
Would like to share all the fun experiences with others and let them have the opportunity to enjoy it, as the same time also get to experience it or seeing it themselves.
Feel happy and contented when the pleasant event created by us to share our experienced to others and then get a positive response with a big thank you by them.
Get a good sense for the good deed that we have done for others and they are having fun there.
But sometimes it also happens that what somebody doesn't appreciate our woks because they think it is counterproductive.
And that's not bad, because it is normal that we all think and like differently.
But we have taken the trouble to at least something that we have been given to someone else feel better by making known in a positive sense.
For us, it had a very positive effect and we were happy to share this experience and enjoyed it.
While it is fun for another, we should not recognize everyone are having the same fun on it, some of them think it was just nonsense.
It is fine for us as we come to the conclusion that we should keep our dignity instead of trying to please everyone.
It is worth to let others noticed but its also up to their choice to either get pleased or distinct with it.
Because in life its impossible to please everyone and every person have his own interest.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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