Keeps Trying before we Decide to Quit.

Keeps Trying before we Decide to Quit

Sometimes we want to do things and find that very nice and interesting but unfortunately it does not always seems to be destined for us.
But we have so much fun because it gives us a great feeling even though we are not exceptional  and need to do it with difficulty in order to achieve the desire performance.
Nevertheless, we do not give up, after all it gives us a nice feeling and enjoy it a lot in a very relaxing mood because we do this from our heart and not to score or take profit out of this.
But unfortunately it is just not enough to make our living out of it, because to get this performance, we needs to do it as a full time job.
As a hobby, it is a great pleasure to have it as a leisure therapy for relaxation in our daily life.
And then we come to the point that we have to choose between a better life with financially stable or be more social only for the relaxation.
Because all the living costs must be paid every month thus we have to work in our free time if we want to earn more additional income.
So we are going to make the choice on what is more important for us or we should be organized and classified to combine all our stuff with a good plan.
To quit on something before we are even trying will not give improvement for our inner life,  so we have to keep trying to find for an appropriate solution.
A quitter can never win and a winner never quits to increase their chances in the society.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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