Great Minds Think Alike.

Great Minds Think Alike

Spacious thinking is something my parents always taught me and be kind or saying thanks to everyone will costs us nothing as it will only added extra values to our personality.
Valuation is what it's all about in the world and it can give us a better life.
Appreciate each other and share the things what we like to see or to do much with others and let them also enjoy with a good feeling.
In social network, there will be so much divided among each others, and everyone has fun with it because they do something for leisure and sharing is an addition value to our life.
Some of them just staying in the social network to find for relaxation,  but there are also business people or social media networkers who trying to keep in touch with other people all over the world.
They all think the same and respect each other, because if You want to score in the social media with Your idea that can reach so many people, it can be a good promotion for Your product.
At that point we all need each other, because the more contacts that we can share, tag or talked about , will give us more satisfaction.
In some social networks also indicates that sharing give points and that's what some do not know or don't care about it while there are others who only want to get their own  benefits thus to increase the size of their network.
Some people like to make life difficult for others and they tend to report something they do not like it to the owners of the social network for instance Facebook.
Once Facebook get the report, the authority issue a warning to a member and blocks them, the consequences is that they are not be able to use certain functions.
And this seems a bit contradictory for social media because it is this is something not related of "being social".
Why we can not solve it together and tell other to let them know You do not want something on Your wall or send a private message or chat in a social way.
We all know that everyone may not have the same interests and please indicate it clearly to shows respect for each other.
Be social and appreciate each other so we can share everything together and divide because when we are growing bigger in social networks that will have also a huge social impact for us.
Waters run deep, but with discussion we can be compromised with a social solution that is good for everyone.
Strong together is another word for social network which give strong impression for others that we are great minds think alike.
Always search together for the best solution and be social in a professional way.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen ‎
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