Life is like Riding a Bicycle, we have to keep Moving to Stay in Balance.

Life is like Riding a Bicycle, we have to keep Moving to Stay in Balance.
Today it is become increasingly difficult for us to maintain in this society.
Where everyone are becoming more selfish and they don't give respect and appreciation for others, but deteriorates them instead.
But lets us not to be influenced nor undergoing a character change to adapt to the present time.
We just need to keep ourselves in good manners and friendly statements.
We certainly should not lose our patience and play an evil to the evil because that will only bring us in trouble and makes our life out of balance.
That would be a very wrong step in our life and it's not a direction that we grew up with , so that will be very unwise move because then a several wrong steps will be fatal for us.
Therefore do not lose our balance and just keep cycling through on the same bicycle to avoid unpleasant or aggressive people, in the meantime, don't loss control over ourselves and go on our own path.
Let us be the wise and don't get carried away with the bad habits of others.
We should be more social and friendly towards our friends.
When we can continue cycling on a road where we move around easily to have balance in our life then we can avoid any remaining collision because we will have our own character under control.
Once we able to moped and control our cycling easily, we should obtain the balance between malignant and kindness to meet our peaceful life .
I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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