Treasure Our Circle of Real Friends.

Treasure Our Circle of Real Friends

To meet new friends is something very easy and it is a part of the life.
Without contacts or friends, our life will become boring.
When we have them around us, our life can be enriched with more sparks.
We have to meet the people who only think of friendship but that is very sporadic and extreme.
Most meetings are based on self-interest and can turn into a good friendship where both appreciate the value of get together.
Especially it is becoming extremely difficult now in this hard economic situation to distinguish between the real or fake friends because this is a period that everyone needs each other.
And friendship is something that we do not want to use each other but support together through thick and thin and also share everything either in both good and bad times.
A real friendship with each other is truly based on do everything together and share.
Therefore it is good to know who is who so we can set ourselves to look who is our real friends to protect us, or who to avoid to prevent disappointment and psychological problems for us.
Because friendship builds on trust and love and if that is destroyed or being violated then it can turned into hatred and we get a humiliated feeling because then we will lost our confidence for that person .
And that can cause a major problem so is better to be wised and leave that person.
We should always try to make a good estimate of a person to protect the future for ourselves.
Of course we might be mistaken by our own judgement several times in our life.
But many times we will make the right assessment from our past experience, to prevent further harm for us.
When we manage to meet a good friend or partner, please be careful and know that it is a treasury for us which we should never open or let go the friendship, because then all will be lost.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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