Plan for the Future by Focusing Exclusively on the Present.

Plan for the Future by Focusing Exclusively on the Present

We have enough experience and are all wise to know that the past will never come back to us.
That everything has been happened, and we no more can turn it back the ​​decisions make by us before whether it was the best or worst for our life.
So it is only possible to improve things through our experience from the past so that can our mood be more pleasant on this moment.
Our attitude and adjustment towards others may therefore be adopted on a completely different direction and that is a positive way for us.
Learning from the experience is indeed the best lesson, which we may not learned this from the teacher of our school as a subject in our schooling days before.
Therefore it is better to stay focus on today with our exclusive knowledge and experience because we can not predict the outcome, but on this present moment we can always make decisions for the future.
The present is where forethought decision can be taken as a plan for the future, but which at some point will be decided on this day.
Preparations will perfectly well if we consulted by our team who focusing exclusively on doubts and flaws in advance, otherwise the plan were decided earlier days and not today.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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