Stop Arguments will Open the Door to Solutions.

Stop Arguments will Open the Door to Solutions

Arguments are good but must come in a good and clear reason.
We have to know what is our motif to start it, if we are honest then
the argument can always begin in a good intention.
Don't jump into conclusion so quickly if involve in a unclear argument
because then we will get criticise or belittle against others.
It is always easy to start an argument against the weaker one who are
less skilled because they do not have the ability to defend
Certain persons making fun on this and they usually have an
intelligence capability therefore a majority who follow on their
argument can give strength to them because most of their followers are
Nobody is perfect in this world and if others do something wrong, it
is better to correct them in a way which they can improve things.
To start an argument with these people and put them in a dead junction
is not a right decision.
Argument must have some good reason , it should be real and not just
pointed on someone's weaknesses in order to increase their own status.
We should give them the opportunity to explain why they do something wrong.
An argument should only start if we have the intention to help these
individuals to improve thus can give benefit for their life.
Those who involved in wrong arguments will not have peaceful solutions.
And that will not open the door to a solution where everyone can be
benefited from it.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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