We have to Believe in Ourselves When No One Else Does.

We have to Believe in Ourselves When No One Else Does

We all know that there are people appear in our life who doesn't really want to be our friend but come to us for improving their own.
If we are successful in life then the chances to meet these kind of people will be increasing and not by accident because they have chosen us as their target.
Sometimes we understand this directly but we are not psychics and can not predict everything from that kind of person with their tricks and deception.
The moment when we understand they are cheating on us then it is already too late and they abuse our trust thus our friendly relationship are terminated.
We are left with frustrations and many question marks.
Then the trouble begins, because they are falling by the wayside now and their stuffed game of deception ends so others will start to question them of what happened.
At that time, it is so easy to come up with some credible story for people to trust them because that's their livelihood to keep trying and dupe others for their own benefit.
But the problem is that others are not well inform the story from two sides so they believe them and draw a plan from there.
It will be a big mistake to give the credit on a crook.
However, the truth will soon overtake on lie, because time does not stand still and such people always looking to find a new victim thus it might be too late for the unfortunate ones, but there will always be justice in life .
Such people do not deserve a good positive place in our community and they will get their comeuppance in the long term.
We just have to keep believing in ourselves even if others do not believe us because the justice will always prevail and our patience guide us through everything.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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