An Eye for an Eye will make the Whole World Blind.

An Eye for an Eye will make the Whole World Blind

In the world everyone wants a good future with peace and prosperity.
We are all self-controlled busy to do everything as well as possible with a good feeling and joy. 
So if we can be peace when the days end and before bedtime then we can look back with satisfaction.
We will be having a sweet dream and when wake up in the morning we will be fresh by our good night's sleep.
And start our new day with good humor, so we can be sincere to everyone and the kindness are reflecting on our face.
Yet this can never prevent us for getting into trouble by the behavior of others, so we must learn to deal with it, because there might be some dark days in our life.
Our positive outlook on life is a lot easier to respond to the negative and no react evil for evil will always give a positive return.
 Because if we react negative then it  will not just worsen the situation but also give a negative impact on our own character.
And we absolutely no need to do that, its not a good example in our environment and nobody will agreed on it because it is bad  for the population. 
If we wish to have a peaceful earth then should not think to apply an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth for everyone, because it will only give more dazzle and shock to the world.
When we use violence repeatedly, peace will never take place in our bodies and our mind will never have a good rest.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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