The Patience in a Moment of Anger will Help us to Escape a Hundred Days of Sorrow.

The Patience in a Moment of Anger will Help us to Escape a Hundred Days of Sorrow

My parents taught me that life is not a bed of roses but must be going through the thorns and happy and I always remember it well.
Sometimes we are too naive and made decisions at the wrong times or not with the right people.
This may indicate frustration and anger especially when we experience this at time that  everything goes wrong and "we are out of sorts, not to ease at ourselves."
We have the tendency to lose control and follow to respond it with our anger where we will regret it later.
But at that moment we erupt our anger at once and make ourselves very angry so we better have self-control and let it go.
Our anger become so tense that we lose control of the body and as a result, we only make the matter worse.
Think positive and not let our feeling to dominate over our body will be the best option at that time because anger will not be the right solution.
Analysis the situation directly and make a decision if necessary, react positively without anger to resolve the loss at that time and after take legal action in the right moment to overcome it.
Be Enraged and angry at that moment will only bring disadvantage to us, and if we do something in a outburst of rage, it will give us more sorrow for a hundred days.
Patience conquers all and helps us to escape the sadness we have been through it, because justice will always prevail in peace.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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