Failure is the Mother of Success.

Failure is the Mother of Success

We all love it when we see others succeeded and if they are also our friend , we can add a personal congratulation notes to them.
But what we do not usually see is the process they've been through to achieve that success because we only see the good side of them.
There is always a joy and good income for all successful persons or companies.
We actually only see the good sides of a successful person or company and that is always too good to be true, because our eye sight can see the wealth in them.
But the times when they failed with the frustrations and problems is something that our eyes never witness but it is an experience path for very successful person or busines.
Sometimes failure will take us down, we just need to step up because then the road to success is closer to us.
Nothing is perfect so a road only to success will be very implausible.
Anyone can fail, and this is good to experience it in our life, even a very successful person or company must go through this process of failing.
By trial and error we can learn from our mistakes and improve, thus we are always on the way to perfection.
Failure and success is like a mother and child, when a child (failure) did something wrong, the Mother (Success) have the power and value to correct the child so they can improve to keep themselves in our society.
Sometimes the failure in our life will make us stronger to achieve the desire successful status.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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