Sometimes we need to completely isolate ourselves from others to give us some time to think and hope for soothing the process in the environment around us.
If we want to get to know ourselves completely to the extreme, it is also good to spend awhile as a hermit.
The solitude for ourselves should allow plenty of space for self-examination without any disturbance by others, so we can discover the key to our inner mind.
So we only will realize that the fulfillment for our life which we hope to find in others before, is only can be find in ourselves and nowhere else.
The shadows of others who once we thought to be an example for us then becomes superfluous because our own inner feeling surpasses everything.
It will not be an easy task to get anywhere and do everything without help because sometimes we need to depends on others.
The loneliness will affect us and we will start to think back how important to have friends  who loves us nearly by us at that moment.
A separation with others and being alone will be a test for our character in many ways and we'll then treasure the important of having good harmony in our relationships.
When we are in our dark moment, it can remind us to think for others because loneliness is an unpleasant experience.
That we can be panicked if something happens while we are alone and abandoned everything because we can't get help from others but at that time it was necessary to do so.
At that time, we learn that when dealing with others and uniting with friends to help each other when absolutely necessary is very important.
Because even a hermit cannot do everything by themselves when there is a need.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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