Lets Give our Earth a Better Future Together.

Lets Give our Earth a Better Future Together

There is so much annoyance in the world now that when we are reading on newspaper or turn on the television there is only bad news.
Which also make us worry and frustrated because no one knows where its heading to when we all repay evil with evil.
It is not advisable to create more bad and misery in the world,  because there will certainly be some innocent civilians need to confront the brunt of violent actions with a hopeless end.
One of the biggest problem is that we have no influence on any positive solution for peace, however some leader out there want to decide the final destination of other people  life.
Everything is in this area so unfairly distributed because the world is belong to us so we should improve and make it better together.
Even the supreme commanders of a country may not make the best decision.
Their decision are mostly base on self-interest instead of for the importance of the country, thus we will never get peace.
But we can start it by ourselves with being more socially and friendly towards each other with respect and honesty.
With a good initial move to help each other and not to abuse it so that harmony among the people will return.
Thereby the relationships can be strengthened and it is also possible to improve the  economy through collaboration with confidence.
Do not be selfish and always trust on each other and have mutual understanding, which as a result will give advantages for everyone so our earth will be having a better future with peace.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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