Love has No Boundaries.

Love has No Boundaries  

We can not imagine what our life would be without love.
But we all know that when we are in love then it is impossible to stop because there is no boundaries.
Because love is the beginning of many things in life and there are various types of love which is simply limitless.
Love is not only the matter of two people, we can love our environment, home, work, study and so much more.
To be in Love is the most beautiful moment, can give us the best feeling or the greatest pain in life and it's totally free.
The sweet moment of love can give a great impact for life which is also an unforgettable moment. .
It is engraved in our hearts as the music in a CD and repeat playing the same rhythm again and again with the soundtracks that we do not always want to listen, but the memory remains forever with us.
The pain in love can reside in our hearts for long period with too much headache and sadly there is no medicine to cure this.
Longing for love can causing an irresistible pain for us and keep us at work for a long time with unpleasant thoughts.
The longing for love is boundless, but unfortunately it may also give us the unbearable pain and no limits with sleepless nights and tears of sadness.
Something which was missing there before is becoming unreachable by now, it can have such a huge psychological impact on us that everything we had built can be collapses like a domino stones effect as when the first stone falls, the rest continue to fall.
It may breaks our heart because we are weak at that time and full of sorrow, but we have to be positive and strong.
Because love is boundless but life has no boundaries so everywhere in the world there should have a place for us to meet up then we can start our new search for love.
And distance also does not affect our feelings.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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